I initially installed Ubuntu on my laptop some months ago, maybe even as long ago as a year or more. I didn’t use it. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to use it, on the contrary; I wanted to break the grip that MS Windows had on me. I wanted to try out an operating system that wouldn’t, I hoped, have my PC whirring away for the first 5 or 10 minutes following boot-up, 5 or 10 minutes where I could do nothing but sit and wait. Now I have to admit that this problem only occurred on my laptop which only has something like 512Mb of memory and I blame some of the problems on my Zone Alarm anti-virus/firewall software. But I hoped for a better world, free of Windows.

So back to the reason for not using Ubuntu initially. Well both of my PCs connect to the internet via a wireless connection, even my desktop PC. The problem with Ubuntu was that it didn’t want to talk to my wireless router. If I connected my computer to the router using an ethernet cable all was fine and I could access the internet but not so via a wireless connection. I gave up on it. I just couldn’t be bothered trying to get it to work. Didn’t have time, couldn’t find the patience and so that was that. Until recently.

I’ve just spent a bank holiday weekend getting the wireless connection working (well just a few hours last Friday evening) and getting Ruby on Rails up and running. As I write this entry I’ve managed to port my current rails project from Windows to Ubuntu and it all seems to work!! Yay!

My problem now is can I repeat what I’ve just done? Can I install Ubuntu on my desktop PC and repeat my success that I had with my laptop? All I can say is that it wasn’t easy. A lot of time was spent searching with Google to find out how to install software, how to configure things and what Linux commands were available to copy files, navigate directories, etc. Foolishly, I didn’t make any notes as I went along, so all I’ve got to go on is a small number of bookmarked web pages and my instinct. I might purchase a second hard-drive for my desktop PC and get Ubuntu installed on that. I will attempt to make notes along the way next time and perhaps those notes will find their way onto this blog.

I bet that you can’t wait, dear reader!!


~ by gblake on May 27, 2008.

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