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I followed one of my RSS feeds yesterday to the TechCrunch site where there was an article that speculated as to whether or not Google are working on a To Do List app. From this article I then visited one or two more articles from TechCrunch about To Do List products. From reading the articles it becomes immediately obvious that there are an awful lot of these types of site out there. I’ve not tried out very many of these sites but they all seem to allow the user to create a to do list, tick stuff off your list, add more items, etc. Some allow only one list to be created, some allow more than one, some have an Ajax-style front end so that you can perform actions such as drag-and-drop but there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of difference between a lot of them.

For some time now I’ve wanted to create my own To Do List site. Well not just a plain to do list site, something a little more specific than that maybe. After I’d read those TechCrunch articles yesterday I began to wonder why I should bother though. What would my little site add, if anything, to the growing number of similar sites? Surely it would just get lost in all of the noise? Well that may be true, perhaps there really is no point in adding another To Do site. After mulling this over for a while I came to the conclusion that I should continue to produce my own site and I came to this conclusion for a couple of reasons.

I’m trying to learn Ruby on Rails and want to produce some form of web site fairly soon. Even if I’m just adding another To Do-type app. to the masses that already exist I will be learning from the experience. That’s the first good thing that would come from it. Secondly, my original concept for my site wasn’t just to produce a web-based To Do list application. As I had the idea several years ago I can’t quite remember my very first idea but I think that the To Do scenario was something I thought of adding to the site to make it a little more acceptable to people who might use it in the office, allowing them to plan their tasks and plan their day. So my idea isn’t just to create a To Do list site but it would allow the user to make lists of actions and enable them to group actions into projects. For some reason something is stopping me from actually writing about the exact nature of my planned site, almost as if I think that someone is going to steal my idea and make lots of money from it which, quite honestly, is never going to happen. If I told you right now what this idea was you’d probably think, “Oh, is that it!?”, or, “So it’s basically just a to do list with a bit of pointless extra stuff?”. Indeed you may have a point but I’m going to continue regardless anyway!

I could now spend ages coming up with a design for the site and researching into various topics (such as GTD) but I feel that it’s time for me to simply sit down and get something produced. Currently I think that I shall get a simple site produced and get it hosted so that it’s out there. Then I’ll add some more functionality to it. But right now the key is to stop procrastinating and get something developed.

~ by gblake on April 12, 2008.

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