Well this is damned annoying!!! Grrrrr…….

Whenever I add a block of code to one of my posts WordPress seems to screw it up. It might be that I’m doing something stupid myself of course.

I think this issue will be seen by anyone who reads these posts which is even more frustrating. If I view a page containing a code block, navigate away from that page to a different post and then back to the original the code block seems to have magically added blank lines between each line of code. I can only assume that this is a WordPress bug of some kind; I did a Google search some weeks ago about this problem but didn’t find any actual solution. I thought that I’d solved it by adding <pre></pre> markup but it would seem not.

Oh, I’ve also changed the theme as I was sick of having my lines of code cut-off due to having a very small column width.

Maybe one day I’ll get my blog hosted and write my own blog platform!


~ by gblake on April 5, 2008.

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