Starter for 10

So the first thing was to choose a title for my shiny new blog. The original purpose of this blog was to write about my discoveries in the world of web development / design. I’ve started learning Ruby, with a huge dash of Rails for good measure, and so I thought something hilarious such as, “Off the Rails”, would do the trick. But that sounds a little as though I’ve decided to leave Rails development behind to learn something else, like PHP for example, when the opposite (quite literally) is true. Where did “Keep Within the Lines” come from? Well it’s a combination of exchanging ‘rails’ with ‘lines’, trying to stay with Rails development and a joke with a work colleague who has the job title of media developer (amongst other things he produces 3D models in 3DS Max).

After the question of what to call the blog the next task was to give it a style, or theme, other than the default one.

I seriously have no idea how long I can keep myself interested in writing this blog. I hope that one day someone may read it; when I make it public which it’s not right now. I would like it to prove useful to one or two people who, like myself, are trying to get to grips with the whole web design arena and it may even help me finally fulfill a long ambition of mine. Well the ambition is to write a novel but at least I’m writing something.

I also want it to be somewhere that I can record what I’ve done so that, some time later, I can read my own blog and remember how I achieved certain things.

Well, after reading this post again I can’t quite believe that I’m going to publish this dross. There’s enough garbage out there already. Stop me someone please…..ah, too late. Engage!


~ by gblake on February 13, 2008.

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